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Crystalline Temple of the Blue Ray

8  week healing immersion into the Pleiadian Blue ray and the keys of the cosmic mother for crystalline template activation.

Enrollment is open for November


Divine sisters of light, Angelic beings, keepers of the flames, starseeds, earth's wisdom keepers, welcome you into my heart’s space. The new earth needs our song, our voice, our words and our open heart to flourish into completion. It needs LOVE,  we need to deeply move through the flame of love to set us free, to ignite our true radiance and source codes of light.  


Are you ready to move with love, with your heart and truly surrender to your divinity, your soul's purpose, your light, your higher aspects, ALL of you?


Are you ready to step up into your light, gifts and remember who you are and the beautiful magic you are capable of weaving?


I see you... 


Do you feel the call to gather in a sacred vessel with me and your star sisters? A held space where we will heal, Integrate all we are and capable of, our deep connection through many realms, find truth in our heart and alignment?


You have been led here for a reason, the first step is trusting that.

Join me on a path to remember your lives and missions through the cosmos, the stars and notably Lemuria,  where the Pleiadian energies of the divine mother of all the MA frequency, the Hathors and Mother Mary anchored through the crystalline frequencies, bringing and holding the keys of the mother through their Blue star ray.

This multi dimensional course is an immersive healing journey working with stellar activations of the Pleiadian Frequency the blue star ray, bringing 'truth' alignment to source, activation of DNA and cellular structures and  new earth crystalline templates. 


Through guided journeying, light language activations and seals of light from the New Earth Elemental council.  We will work with the Aurora Guardians; the plasma units of light, rays of the next universe and the Rainbow ray.


Incorporating the teachings of the Goddess, ascended masters and lady masters, The keepers of the flames.   Including Mother Mary and teachings of the Blue Rose, the Christos beings many councils of light including the Andromedan Venus, sirianan frequencies.

We will move through Stellar activations  and journeys each week to deepen our understanding to our homes in the stars and deepen that all important connection to our heart.

Upgrading your crystalline Templates


The Pleiadian blue star ray collective have been sharing with me sacred technology and passing new crystalline templates from Lemuria, for the new earth to anchor in 12D frequencies. 


The Blue star ray in essence is grounded into earthly timelines through Mu, Lemuria,  through many cosmic divine mother  archetypes such as The HathorsAnna Grandmother of Jesus, mother Mary, Goddess Isis and Mary Magdalene. 


Why this course and why now?

I was activated to many light languages 5 years ago,  an extremely sensitive Star Being, with peaceful allies of light and homes all over the galaxy, working with many frequencies in love and oneness as a translator and scribe, here to bring through these frequencies and golden keys of light to help the planet ascend and anchor in a 12 D frequency. I wish  to help other star seeds, so they may awaken to their higher purpose and spiritual gifts to in turn help the planet shift  into a higher frequency.


Bringing  through which high frequency which is needed to support at that time through the many dimensions we will work through. Through this course we will be flowing and releasing with ancient earth keepers language, the Pleiadian Blue ray light codes, andromedan light language activations,  lemurian keys of the water and light frequencies from the dolphin beings of the Pleiades. 

The Journey

Week 1- Introduction-2hr zoom call.

Opening cacao ceremony connecting with our crystals, setting intentions and Group introductions.

Discussion- Welcome from the many galactic beings on this course, The Pleiadians.

The Planes of existence.

Calling in your higher aspects.

The importance of decrees, what they are and their role in this course.


*Creating Multidimensional healing spheres with you guides and family of light.

*Calling forward the crystals, plants, flowers and trees that wish to support you on this journey.

Workbook journal handout.