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In my experience, light language is one of the most potent healing transformational tools. It speaks to your soul, your cells, your spirit through all levels, layers, and aspects. It is not computed by the head but by the heart and soul's light. It can bring rapid transformation and release just through gazing at it. We all have a harmonic resonance and this language is about movement, sacred geometry and frequency and aligning with that.

111 GBP | Written Document

Do I have a key code for you?

I find more people are being guided to me for light codes, I hold a library of golden light codes and am connected to the council of 7’s pool of sacred scribes so I can bring through what you need with multiple layers of energies.

In this reading, I will tune into you distantly and bring forward some light language for your healing at this time. They are your personal transformation codes to align with your soul's highest self, light and purpose. It is very personal and depends on your healing path at the time we connect. In the past, a vast range of codes has come through for people, from womb codes, light body upgrades, frequency downloads, and unity codes.

Once I have brought through the code I hold a ceremony to bless the code, grid it with my master crystals, and speak light language to it to hold the intent of oneness  and heart connection for the highest good of all, often guides come into bless it.

Package includes

  • A4 page mini-reading- this includes anything that wishes to surface at this time to help and assist your ascension path, growth and awakening. Messages about your past lives and connection to your gifts, cosmic, angelic or messages form your guides. The best way to receive these is to be open, to not hold expectations, and to receive.

  • Within this Reading there will be some crystal advise and guidance if any specific way these codes wish to be used for you. Crystals advice includes specific stones stepping forward for you, and guidance on how to use them with these codes for healing.

You will be sent

  • A PDF of the light code.

  •  A mini reading A4 written document explains what energies communicated for you.

Alternatively, you can also contact me if you feel there is some coding or keys that have communicated with you, whether for yourself, the collective, the land, or specific intent. I can download this for you and your ceremonies.

Energy Investment: 111GBP

Note: I have can commission ceremonial tattoos - please email in contacts

Katie BraunReiki Healer

The light codes reading was truly amazing. In the reading you mentioned bringing in the divine feminine and stepping into my goddess power, and that meant reviewing my shadow and loving myself for everything, light and shadow. I used the codes 3 times-- twice in mediation and once in a healing with other lightworkers (they were healing me). Even the others I was working with said they could see the codes gently coming into my chakras. I had someone tell me that the divine feminine is all about receiving--something I do not easily do. While meditating with the codes, I surrendered to whatever my guides and the codes were bringing to me, and it has led to some significant shifting of myself. I feel like I've gone through a rebirth of sorts, and am coming home to who I truly am.

So, with every genuine gratitude my heart can hold, thank you for sharing your gifts with each of us, for being your true authentic self, and for being the beacon of light so many of us look to as we navigate our own journeys.

The light code reading was so powerful and exactly what I needed to move forward on my journey.



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