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This retreat taught me what exchange really is. The act of giving & receiving from a place of unconditional love. The meaning of sisterhood, wisdom, vulnerability and the art of surrender. Permission to own all parts of me. I am in utter awe and my heart is full. ~ Shelley [retreat 2022]

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The Isles of Avalon call to those who are looking for a deeper connection and unfolding of the heart. The ancient name for the Tor was Ynys Witrin, which means 'the Island of Glass.' But it is more widely known from Celtic lore as Avalon, the Apple-place and the isle of enchantment.

  The land with its many energy currents, leys and dragon lines support you fully in the awakening of the soul. It is said that thousands of years ago after the flood of Atlantis that the Atlantean's travelled to Glastonbury for the temple of the Tor, because they knew the power it held, as a cosmic portal to support the teachings of the heart that the many guardians of Avalon uphold.

I have journeyed to Avalon many times over the years and each time it is different - each whisper speaks to a different part of my soul. This retreat is about the heart but also so much more.
~ Katie-Jane ~


Release replenish and heal

Join Katie Jane for a deeply healing and nurturing, 3 night retreat in Glastonbury. Weaving the energies of love, unity and vulnerability to heal. Connecting with the energy & crystals of the land, the Magdalene, the Goddess Brigid, Ceridwen and Elen of the ways.  And the Inner Kingdoms that will support us through this healing journey.


In Avalon, with the energy of the St Micheal and Mary lines to support us we we will dive deeper into your hidden aspects, unraveling gently inner child healing and trapped fear through journeying and breath work. Surrendering ourselves to heart and womb healing. We will elevate your heart to the highest high, to feel divine love and replenish you with nourishing food, sisterhood circles, transformative breath work, crystals, sound baths and nature.


Katie-Jane’s wish is to guide you in unfolding your connection to your body, heart and soul. To the earth and her rhythms, all held in the magical lands of Avalon, where legends of King Arthur, Guinevere and Merlin weave with the stories of the Goddess, the Magdalene, and the energies of the druid wisdom keepers on pilgrimage that scatter the lands there.


Katie-Jane has spent many years visiting these lands and writing the messages of the magdalene, goddess and ascended masters, re-visiting their ritual and ceremony through their eyes and has many stories and shamanic journeys to share with you in healing circles.

The group has been kept small and intimate for a reason, Katie-Jane will be passing on healing insight and guidance into how you can support yourself at this time, and any hands on healing and support needed to assist you.


Crystals are an integral part of Katie-jane’s work, so you will enjoy getting to know and working with crystals that support the healing intent of the group, through guided journeywork, meditation in circle. We will be diving in with the divine energies of many crystals hand selected by Katie-Jane.

It is a time to re discover yourself, to listen to your body and to gather the tools to help you heal, so you can move forwards in confidence, love and joy.

About the


Luxury Safari lodges just outside of Glastonbury. Each lodge sleeps up to 4 with 2 bedrooms, All the beds are made up with Egyptian cotton bed linen and cosy duvets. Each lodge has its own bathroom, complete with shower, flushing toilet, basin and heated towel rail so you don’t need to sacrifice on your creature comforts. Hot water is provided on tap, as well as a fully equipt kitchen and your very own log burner to keep you toasty!

Location is a short 10 minute drive from Glastonbury town centre and a 25min walk. 35minutes from Junction 23 of the M5 and 2hrs 45mins from London.


Feeding the soul


We have an onsite chef who will be cooking a delicious VEGETARIAN and plant based menu for us. 


Full of delicious nourishing warm foods, salads, soups and cakes. Fully catered throughout your stay plus also packed lunches provided to take on our outings to Glastonbury.


During the weekend I turned to one of my soul sisters and said 'I genuinly think that was one of the best experiences of my life!- Shelly.

Flow of the 


The retreat begins with a warm welcome and introductions in the yurt. 


When we Open the Circle, we will be building the Altar, setting our intentions, and I will introduce you to the many energies we will be working with including the crystals and plants.

What can you expect:-


  • Nutritious Vegetarian & plant based meals each day

  • Visiting the sacred sites of Avalon - The Tor, The Chalice Wells 

  • Private Ceremony at the White Springs Temple

  • Connecting with crystals deeply and the crystals in the lands of Avalon.

  • Shamanic Breath work

  • Healing sisterhood circles

  • Guided Crystal Journey's

  • Crystal Sound Healing

  • Fire and Cacao Ceremony


  • A goodie bag that will be filled with crystals, oils and other gifts that will support you in aligning with the energies of the retreat and land.

  • Time to reflect and rest

  • Sleeping in a space that is peaceful & cosy

  • A space where you are truly held, heard and seen

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The price of the retreat with everything included is £1,5*.

D e p o s i t - 500.00 to secure your place

*Please note that this does not included transport to and from the retreat, upon booking we can advise if you are using public transport.

The times for the Avalon Retreat will be: Arriving for check in at 3pm on the Friday and departing at 10am on the Monday.

If it is your first time in Glastonbury this is your opportunity to go back into town and re visit any of the sacred spot's you want to go back to.  



Are you being called to join me in Awakening your Ancient Roots in Glastonbuy?


May retreat: 24th to 27th May 2024

September retreat: 13th to 16th September 2024

If you are interested then send us an email at


Learning the art of holding space for others, is priceless and one of the most beautiful parts of this retreat. Through breathwork practices katie jane will guide you through working in pairs to hold space and support your sisters. The Magdalene teach that we heal as one, we move through the path together, that when one sister is hurting, we all walk with her to retrieve what it is she seeks. This is what we experience on this retreat, healing through and with one heart

Past Retreat reviews

This weekend taught me what exchange really is. The act of giving and receiving from a place of absolute unconditional love. This weekend taight me the meaning of sisterhood, safety, rawness, widom, vulnerability and the art of surrender. The permission to be and own all parts of me. This weekend had me in tears. Tears of joy, tears of great release. This weekend allowed me to release ancient sadness and reconnect with wisdom my soul hadnt been connected to for so long. Most of all this weekend brought together an incredibly circle of sisters, a reuniting of women. I can''t begin to express the gratitude and unconditional love I have for this group and Katie-Jane. We laughed together, we cried together, danced together and created rainbows together. A reclamation of wisdom. Pure magic. I am in utter awe and my heart is so full.


Shelley - Avalon Retreat 2022

WOW, what an unbelievably amazing weekend! It is hard to put my experience into words. I feel eternally grateful to have been on this journey and have met all these powerful women. During the weekend I turned to one of my soul sisters and said 'I genuine think that was one of the best experiences of my life, I feel in awe of the power women hold, it was truly beautiful', as I watched and helped these women release trauma that has been stored in their bodies. The sheer magic weaved throughout the whole weekend is something I will never forget. The love I feel in my heart for Katie-Jane radiates my body as I write this, I am in awe of the power she holds, the magic she shares and the love she commits to everything she does. The crystals, the food, the energy, the malas, the music, the love thank you thank you thank you. Thank you so much Katie-Jane, you have helped us more than you will know. I am forever grateful, and cannot wait for the next one. Love you! xxx

Zoe - Avalon Retreat 2022

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