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A Closing of the Bones ceremony marks a 'Rite of passage', for new mother as a postpartum ritual, for children who are sensitive or experience anxiety,  for women or men who need to find a safe space within their body, mind, and soul, to help them reset. And  for mothers who are suffering loss or miscariage, It is one of the most incredible healing ceremonies and rituals I have learnt and its beauty lies in its simplicity






The Closing of the bones is a postpartum ritual that provides a space for a new mother to receive healing, nurturing and time to come home to herself.

It involves massage with the open weave scarves called Rebozos, hands on womb massage and a tightening or 'Closing of energy centres with Rebozos.  Some cultures incorporate bathing and steam. My personalised ceremonies can include a gentle yoni steam to start.

During birth the mother not only birth's a baby, she births herself. It is a big initiation and portal for her and we must take more care mothering the mother.  The Closing of the bones, honours her birth portal, honours it and closes it. The beauty of it is that it can be done at ANY time after birth, even if it is years after. It is a honouring and homecoming. There are no rules, it is about what you feel your body needs.

The Ritual is performed across the world in its own ways, across South America, Europe, Asia and Russia. After birth the new mothers are very open. On the physical the bones and soft tissue are stretched from birth and and emotionally and spiritually they face a light body that is open.

The massage supports the muscles to relax and move back into place. The tightening of the rebozos helps the closing, the 'coming home' of the spirit, to feel contained.  Emotionally they have the space to process the feelings that flow with new motherhood. And a space to talk through the birth and birthing experience which is extremely healing.




I have a hearts need to hold women through transitions, to let them know they are seen and loved for all they are, where they are. To be vulnerable with them as equal, as we move through the same healing themes, grief, love, pain shame, guilt.


As a keeper of the threshold, from birth to death, and all in between, it has seen me travel to the bedsides of souls crossing, to the calling in of spirit babies and conscious conception with deep womb work, and train as a celebrant.  As I hold women through transformational healing, in circle and on retreats. And not only hold them myself, but to provide a space for women to experience holding conditional love for each other. I felt in my bones for some time the need to physically hold them through their moments of cracking open, to hug them and rock them. Then this practise found me when I was guided to attend the 'Art of birth' by renowned Mexican midwife Naolí Vinaver. I learnt the Mexican tradition she uses for this ceremony and it was deeply transformative for me,  the act of rocking and wrapping allowed my nervous system to enter a parasympathetic state of relaxation and recovery much faster then any other modality I have trained in. When the parasympathetic nervous system (PSNS) is activated, it slows our heart and breathing rate, lowers blood pressure and promotes digestion.  Which in turn lead me to feel safe and more open to a deeper level of healing. 

I firmly believe that it is a ritual that everyone should consider, I have held bespoke circles for people  honouring rites of passage, from new chapters, to birthdays, baby blessings, I have held private circles where mothers have wrapped their daughters and vis versa and it is so incredibly healing for the mother line, birth trauma and past life trauma has come up in the space and been released. As I weave in energy work, activations, past life healing, breathe work and sound with the adults and children I work with.



I hold my closing of the Bones ceremonies in a Yurt in Buckinghamshire in the UK, which is gridded with crystals and sacred geometry, and a dedicated held healing space, as this work is intimate and invites you to be vulnerable the space is of utmost importance to me. I work on the vibrations of the space and talk to the land often. It is a womb sanctuary that is cultivated and tended to, to support you.

 A Postpartum Closing of the Bones Ceremony is usually 2 hours long and would include the following-

  • Before you arrive- I tune in and set the energies of the space, created an altar for you, with stones and a crystals grid to to support the session, picking out hand blended chakra oils and massage oil.

  • On arrival- welcome blended herbal tea and seated consultation, where I will look at your energy field and light body.

  • A yoni steam on my womb throne with organic and foraged herbs that support the womb.- optional.

  • I take time to attune to your energy field through the heart as we take breaths together, affirm our space and boundaries and ground in full to the moment. We bring forward the intention for the session and anchor them into the earth.

  • I anoint and cleanse your body with sound, drumming, chakra oils and sacred smoke.

  • We begin with a full body Rebozo massage, as you lay on a mattress on the floor, rocking the head, shoulders, pelvis, arms and legs to loosen up the tension, get the lymphs releasing and give your body the chance to fully relax and for the nervers system to feel safe. It also gives me a good idea of how your energy is flowing and what needs more focus.

  • I then move into a womb massage which if you have recently given birth helps the uterus and organs move back, and to release any trauma in the pelvis, I combine this with talking to the womb, and energy work to cleanse and nurture the womb space and lower chakras.

  • I then wrap and close your chakras from crown down, bringing in more rocking, if felt needed.

  • I will wrap you in a blanket and allow you to reset for at least 20 mins, holding the space and assisting with energy energy clearing, if I feel to I will bring some shamanic drumming in and use my voice to assist the homecoming and any activations.

  • After un wrapping you have time to lay and 'be' and to let it all wash over you, it is a deeply relaxing space to be in.  We will sit with a warm tea and discuss what came up for you, and anything I felt, saw or noticed that can assist you further, which includes crystal advice, plants that came in for you, and healing focus for the next few months.


It holds the same format as above, we will replace the yoni steam and womb massage if you wish, and replace it with more in-depth energy work and clearing. The energy exchange and duration remains the same.

Everyone has unique energy and works with different layers of consciousness, my work is very multidimensional and I see through many aspects and parts of you in different dimensions, bringing information through and anchoring it into the 'now' for a deeper level of release and healing of any karmic patterns inherited, it is not just a closing it is a deeply healing, many things can come forward during your session. I work extensively with crystals, and am trained in touch Acupressure, Sound healing and Shamanic breath work which I weave in, if I feel necessary.  



After ceremony you leave grounded, fully in your body, totally relaxed with a calm nervous system. Empowered with your sovereign fire,  even more connected to your womb space and heart, lighter with releasing emotional trauma, ancestral or karmic patterns.  With more insight as to the health of your energetic system, and information on any guides and energies around you at this time to support you.

It is important to clear the day of anything stressful and have space to process and integrate the new vibrations and energies after, drinking lots of water and only ingesting or watching positive, loving  things.





Energy Investment and Exchange for this 90min, ritual and ceremony is-


£20 of every session is being donated to a charity to support perinatal mums mental health welfare.

I operate a 'Pay it forward scheme' where you can give a little extra which is collected to pay for someone who may not be able to afford the amount, do enquire into this if you feel it is needed.

Email to enquire

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