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The session is longer than expected – I always like to leave it open to what it needs to be. Get comfortable with a cup of tea, any crystals and your light code.

I invite you to grid before or even during the session. There are a lot of notes to make, so have your journal & pen ready.


This activational journey is 2 hours long.


 Activation and harmonization

Join me in this gathering of high frequencies set and held in loving intent, to experience the healing activations of the crystal ANkh, as passed through Master Saint Germain through from its seeding of light in Atlantis.


We will move through the story of the Ankh before its symbolic anchoring in Ancient Egypt.

With the frequencies of the Holy priestess, Priests of isis, Hathor and Magdalene.

This work feels a very potent remembrance of how we worked with the ankh previously, it is something we must consciously activate within our lightbody so we may work in this way again.

I am calling those who work with with the divine frequencies of Christs and Sophia, The Magdalene hearts, Mother Mary, the Priestess of the blue ray, the rose, the lotus, the Maji grail keepers, all those in close alignment with the highest and purest streams of light. We are holding a very tight and specific container of love.

The Angelic founders energy hold and witnesses this anchoring of light through our hearts as we offer it to gaia together.


We will move through an activational healing journey with the ankh and planetary grid which will be spontaneous as I am opening myself up to the magic and mysteries of the divine mother on this call. It will be in perfect alignment with what is needed.



For those who have worked with me before you know that I cannot describe everything we cover as more flows in, and unfolds with the energies of the container, you have always got to leave a bit of room for the mystery and magic...

  • Planetary gridwork with the Ankh, specifically linking with the pyramids of Egypt, Mesopotamia and Bosnia.
  • Personal light body activation of the higher heart with the rose codes.
  • Connection to the goddess Isis, Hathor, star mothers of Lemuria
  • Healing journey to the rose temple in Lemuria for healing.
  • Information from Sainte Germain on the Ankh and its place in History.



  • A notebook for any revelations
  • A Clear quartz crystal, if you have a hathor crystal or an ankh you can bring them.
  • Your light code is included as a PDF with this offering – create a grid.
  • If possible - To have a candle lit, and roses in the room to bring their vibration in.


Activating the Crystalline Ankh

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