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This is a container to receive high frequency light and guidance and healing from your Angelic team. 


It is guided journey work and activation’s with many layers. Working with the planetary unity grid,  the crystalline core of Gaia and the diamond 5/6D templates of Leurian and new grid templates.  


We are uniting to anchor new Frequencies into the Earth grid.

  • We will explore Selenite and how it was worked with in Atlantis.
  • You will connect with the earth girds and anchor and move with light to specific areas that are shifting but also areas you are individually working too, we are bridging much light together.
  • Working to support Polarity shifts through the north and south poles, to anchor down the spin out of energy.  Balancing new earth fire and water keys of light.
  • Focuses healing light work on the third eye and heart.
  • You will work with the Archangels to receive nurturing heart healing with specific rays.
  • Receiving in love the angelic language and sacred sonics, as we co-create in the new grid framework with angelic templates.  

It is hard to vocalize the many layers as so much happened. We will be receiving in light, healing from the angels and given the opportunity to level up and be part of this beautiful planetary and earth healing.


Duration: 1Hour 20 mins

Level: Everyone is welcome, you will receive the levels of healing you are ready to receive.

What to bring: a journal and pen, selenite and any angelic crystals or carvings to support you.



Please ensure that you drink plenty of water, and ground yourselves. Through the recording Katie-Jane brought in the 'Om' to ground in the centre point. Due to the high vibrational energy of this recording, extra grounding steps must be taken. Keep flexing your wings, keep feeling them there, knowing they are there.

Bridge of Light

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