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I have created a sacred crystalline container where I received potent light body activations to support your work here.


Please note that this course is not live. This course is made up of 3 recordings from the previous live course. Whilst we use and connect with crystals in this course, they are not automatically included. You may be able to buy them seperately if there is stock available and when my online shop is open. 


Please refer to my sister site for crystals information: or email us at


Crystals used in this mini series are:

  • Opal
  • Garnet
  • Tangerine Lemurian Quartz
  • Labradorite


I have been asked by the New Earth elemental councils of light to support the Starseeds, the Wayshowers, Light Warriors and Leaders. Those of you who are awakening to your next missions during this ascension cycle. We have come to the time where we can not play small anymore, we need to harness that sovereign fire within us. This support comes in the form of divine transmissions, light body opening, expansion - release of 7th Dimensional Implants that keep us from expanding fully above the 7th. If these words do not make sense to you it is ok, you are reading them for a reason, feel into this, does it feel right for you at this time?


This Miniseries will:
• Support you moving forward with confidence, ease and grace
• Help you embody all you came here to do in confidence of your abilities.
• Increase and raise your vibration.
• Bring light body activations to help you move through higher frequencies and connect with your soul aspects on those frequencies and dimensions.
• Give you the permission and space to connect with more star family and beings your soul knows, through the Andromedin stargate.


This is a highly activational series with plenty of transmissions from the stars, guided journeywork to offer you keys of light and unlock your crystal codex, so you can release fully that which does not serve you. Supporting yourself, your soul group, the future light children, and this planets ascension path. We will explore and connect with the wisdom of the star mothers of Lemuria, the star councils of the new earth elemental councils, including Sirian, Andromedin, Pleiadian, crystalline beings, the dragons and the elemental devas.


Are you Interested in light language?
In this series Katie-Jane brings through many galactic frequencies, and in doing this it becomes very activational for you, it will stir soul memories as you may recognise and deeply feel them which in turn activates your light language, as it vibrates through your cells and atoms.


How does this Mini Series work?
There are 3 activations that will be dropped in weekly increments. You have included within this series access to the Heart to Earth Anchoring Meditation journey. Please create space to listen to this meditation journey in between each activation. It is important to ground your energy so you can embody these activations.

Diamond Sun Light Body Activations

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