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Working with the elementals of Inner Earths kingdoms, Quartz and the Crystalline grid, the Yew tree and Mycelium network, Feminine Crystal hubs in the planetary grids including Stonehenge for black hole reversal.


2 Hours of travelling in the Quantum - here are some highlights:


  • We connect with 3 Lemurian Crystal hubs on the planet that are rising through the grids, receiving new frequency, harmonizing and balancing.
  • There is a beautiful Mother of pearl throat activation from the pleiadian star mothers to support your inner voice, your heart song and light language, to be free and vocalized.
  • Connection to the Polynesian triangle, Hawaii, Easter island and New Zealand, where the waters and water beings are supporting a resurrection of golden age Lemurian wisdom keys.
  • We received a Pleiadian Pineal gland activation.
  • Supported a new planetary communication hub, alongside Arcturian instruction, established in Utah, the salt planes, and Zion key pieces in this, which connects directly to Egypt.
  • Master Saint Germain facilitated alchemy of remembrance within our higher hearts with a crystal, flower, fungi and ray that resonates with our being and star coding.
  • Fire dragon attunements in the earth with womb activation.
  • Waking up and aligning ancient earth, fire dragon tribes, connected to golden Avalon timelines.
  • Witnessed and received messages on a migration of energies, atlantean emerald tablets and lemurian mother flame coding, as we held space and light in the girds for this movement as protectors.
  • There was a removal of desensitizing devices originating from Atlantis on the spine.
  • Awakened to live’s as priest and priests of Avalon (Glastonbury) dragon coding awakening from this time.
  • Witnessed black hole reversal at stonehenge.
  • Transported to the Tor in Glastonbury for a huge release of dragons. With Archangel Michael's Blue flame guard standing present.
  • We were taken up the spine of Albion to the Orkney Islands in Scotland, to connect with an integration of unity coding at the stone circle there.
  • Guided gridwork with Quartz and diamond crystals in the unity grids which speed up and focus frequencies.
  • Harmonizing and working with the seal of solomon, over lit by Master Saint Germain.
  • Working with the Archangels for angelic attunements and song


Into the Earth

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