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23 minute Grounding Meditation exercise to work thorugh your Earth Star Chakra. As Starseeds and Wayshowers we are having to ground in stronger ways because we are opening up the field so much and so fast. The old ways of grounding are not going to serve us, we need to work with the Trinity energy as we anchor through your body, through the Earth star and into the Earth. To be in your body, to be HERE right now. 


Crystals we will be working with: Herkimar Diamond, Vanadanite, Stromatalite, 2 Copper Nuggets, Shungite and Tourmaline. You do not need to have these with you. You can visualise them, calling in their energy.


The first part is a guided Meditation and the second part is a light language activation from the New Earth Elemental Council to really ground in everything that has passed.


Healing Advice
Drink lots of warm water after, I do advise you to journal straight away to document any feelings, symbols and messages that came up for you.

Trinity Wave Grounding Meditation

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