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The wisdom keepers, alchemists and gatekeepers of the mysteries of the cosmic mother and the great goddess.


This is a powerful Portal recording that took place on Friday 5th May 2023. It is a really powerful release and connection.


🍯Activating your cellular memory and connection to the ancient ‘mellissea’ bee priestess.

🐝Journeying with the queen bee and connecting to the hive.

🍯Moving through the deepest caverns of your womb to clear, purify, witness and heal past trauma.

🐝Working with the crystalline energy of honey calcite to bring extra support and purifying.

🌹Reclaiming your womb space.

We are aligning to the highest truth, opening to the mysteries and in a flow state together more will unfold and drop in, as we set the intention to open to the bee’s wisdom. It’s going to be poetry in motion, a beautiful dance and scared remembering.

I invite you to create a beautiful alter and grid to the goddess and bees. So we can link our intent in a very strong way.

Feel the call? Because this is a reocrding, as soon as you purchase it, you can download and watch it. 

It’s for anyone who wishes to connect deeper with their womb. Who is new to this and curious, those who are at ANY point in their healing journey and reclaiming of the womb and sexual organs. It’s for those on a fertility journey (but not exclusive to this), those moving through ancestral healing, who connects with the bee, the goddess, the Magdalene, the flowers and crystals. All and any of these things and more.

You will receive the sweet nectar you need in their very held container.



  • Drink lots of water
  • You may experience being bloated
  • Ground as much as you can - be in nature
  • You may experience sensitivity in your womb
  • Take a salt bath for cleansing


Everything you experience is part of the process of release and it will ease.


Remember to talk to your womb, listen to her voice and please look out for more womb offerings coming soon.


Sending you so much love,


Katie-Jane xx




I just wanted to say how powerful and beautiful the sessions have been. Thank you!


There are so many connections which are coming together. Understanding why bee is my spirit animal, the language of color, the aquamarine mother flame (the color turquoise was what initially brought me to you), the Lemurian crystals, my connection to trees and whales. A sense of having felt bound for so many lifetimes and feeling that being acknowledged. The Magdalene’s and the Isis Priestesses. To rainbow light and the blue Ray, and the roses. 


Big thank you to you and to all the guides and beings who are supporting us!

Womb Awakening with the bees

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£33.00Sale Price
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