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Laila Manji

My session with Katie-Jane was nothing short of life-affirming and life-changing. Having followed her on Instagram for some time, I felt really drawn to her energy. Even before the session KJ read my Energy and by the time we spoke, I felt she had known me all my life. She understood and heard parts of my life she could never have just known and she was intuitive, warm and so caring, it was like a healing, energetic bath!!

I can’t recommend her enough - she has a real gift for reading your energy and not just telling you things about your life and future, but offering information, visualization practices and grounding that I know will support me for a long time.

There have been some anxieties I have carried for a very long time and in one session she swept them away, reassured and re-energized me. I woke up today feeling lighter, brighter and more at peace than I have for as long as I can remember!!!

Taylor Phinney | @taylorslight

Katie-Jane is an extraordinarily gifted seer and healer. Receiving a reading from her was a supreme gift. She sent me a 5-page document describing several of my past lives in remarkable detail, as well as sharing about my guides and spiritual support. Reading this was mesmerizing, resonant, and magical. I felt transported into another realm. When I spoke with Katie-Jane I felt like I was reconnecting with a long lost soul sister. She is so genuine, kind, and truly resides in the consciousness of divine service.


She treats her readings with utter reverence, creating a beautiful ceremony afterward with bespoke crystals and flowers to close the space. I am still in awe of her and of the beauty and power of my experience. I will absolutely be working with her again!

Jenifer D. | @jennyad22

My daughter is diagnosed with ASD and ADHD and she struggles terribly with her emotions, the world around her can feel very stressful. We have been offered medication, however, this comes with varying side effects that I am not willing to accept. A while ago now I stumbled across a mention of Crystal Muse in a magazine and at my wit's end contacted Katie-Jane. I can honestly say that she has changed our lives.

She was able to guide and teach us in which crystals to use and how to use them. She is always offering up different ways to connect not only to the crystals but to the wider world around us. Every crystal Katie-Jane sends out you know is of the highest quality and she has put so much love in too - cleansing, charging and offering tips on ways to use them.

She has helped my daughter really connect to the crystals and the natural world. The difference this has made to how my daughter is now more able to cope with things is astronomical - she can pick one or more of her crystals and focus on what emotions she feels she needs help with. This is huge.

Crystal healing isn't a quick fix - pop a pill and get immediate results. This is a gentle, natural aid that can only enhance your life. If you are willing to open your heart and your mind to Katie-Jane she will open your eyes to the gifts of the world around you and also shoot you up to the magic in the stars! I truly cannot put into words how grateful I am to Katie-Jane for everything she has done for us and continues to do. She is such a guiding light and SO full of love. It may sound corny, but it is obvious, this is not her 'job' it is her 'calling' - she wants to help people and it shines through in everything she does and says. Katie-Jane, thank you from the bottom of my heart, you change lives.


I am here to serve with an open heart, please click on the link below which best serves your soul's needs.

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