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I recommend this service whether you feel stuck in your path, you need some help with a reoccurring issue that is coming up, or you wish to connect with your soul on a very deep level to understand much more about why you are here and what your soul does on other planes of existence. I will dive deeply into your soul blueprint. We are multidimensional beings with many aspects, I work with the aspects of you at this time that needs to be connected with to gain healing and clarity. I work to awaken, expand and connect you to your infinite potential.

Whether you feel you are just starting up on this journey or you have been walking it for a while, I can give insight. This is very much a full disclosure and can get very cosmic including connecting you to star origins and the work you do there. Be prepared, I don't hold back. It is a very detailed reading that will bring changes. I do distant healing on you through anything that comes up that needs attention.

222 GBP | Written document

This is a 8+ page document sent to you exploring a range of gifts, past lives, cosmic heritage and any healing focus that needs to be focused on to help you ascend. With typed messages from my higher self, Source and any of your guides that wish to speak. It also works well alongside a one-on-one Skype healing session to follow up with healing and activation through light language and sound.


Each reading is completely different because it is all about me meeting you where you are at this time. I will always ask you for any intentions for the reading which could cover many different things:

  • Remembering and awakening to your gifts, we all have them - I can inform you of the planes of existence, stars and dimensions your soul aspects reside on that wish to be known at this time, and what you do there. Remembering these can shape your future and bring our latent gifts to explore. 

  • Connecting with your soul aspects - We have many aspects of us working and existing on many planes, we are a multidimensional being. I give the space to connect with the soul aspects that wish to be known to integrate in a soul homecoming or wish to be known to guide you. 

  • Past lives - Human and cosmic -past lives through remote viewing and working through the Akashic field, I love to help you remember and connect to your gifts and talents through lives as they will help you with your journey and purpose in this life. I will delve into your past lives, and bring up any patterns to be focused on, review of any karmic patterns, soul contracts, vows and binds to work through or dissolve, to help you work on fulfilling and letting go.

  • Links to your guides, spirit helpers and ancestors - with messages from your guides. We have so many guides and spirit helpers, I can connect you to them energetically, whether its ascended masters, goddess, element, star being or angelic. I work with all planes of existence.

  • Practical healing advice on how to support yourself after this report, as it will no doubt bring up healing, activation and Remembering. This will including meditation, visualizations and/or  crystal advice.

Package Includes

  • Distant healing - Which will be sent whilst working through whilst connecting. I may come across things that need to be worked on. For example, soul fragmentation, vows and bindings to undo and re balance, shadow work, entity removal, light key retrieval and more.

  • 8+page written document - This will be emailed to you within 3 business days from your booking date. I warn you that there is a lot of information to sit with and often people find they can come back to sections at different times and many different layers and pieces drop into awareness when they need to. It is a working document to keep re-reading.

This reading takes me 2-3 days once booked, and I would love a recent photo of you sent to me and permission to go into your energy field.

Energy Investment: 222 GBP

Shara Bradshaw @glowingwithgratitude

What a powerful, beautiful, and profound experience having a Soul Blueprint Reading with you Katie-Jane! Thank you for opening yourself up & holding sacred space, allowing my higher self to communicate through you. This, paired with the messages & guidance the ascended masters, archangels & spirit guides brought me through you, has empowered me to embrace & step forward into my infinite beautiful being! I feel I have been given priceless information & guidance, through this experience with you, on my soul's journey and purpose in this Life! Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am glowing with gratitude!



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