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The Beginnings....

I have been a ‘seer’ and clairvoyant since I was young, seeing through many planes of existence, timelines and dimensions simultaneously.  I mostly travelled through the angelic planes, listening to the angels sing me to sleep since a young girl.  As I grew up I was taught by them how to cross wayward and trapped spirits over to the light.  So I began clearing land, buildings and homes. Something which still do in ceremony.  

My healing hand’s come from my grandmother and my ancestors  who are Khasie, they came from the Matriarchal  hill tribes in Meghalaya, Northern India (photographed), a line of strong women who are Earth Guardians. 


Before I began this path I was a footwear designer in London for 12 years. I had a wonderful career designing for luxury brands even royalty, as a lecturer at De Montford university and Northampton University.  I adored my job which took me all over the world, but after I had my son in my 30th year I started to see and feel a different perspective. The job that I thought had fulfilled me now made me question what success  meant to me, and ask what made me happy?


I had this overwhelming wish to serve, live my truth and help align others to their hearts. Unlocking all of the gifts I had as a child came easy, as everything does when you come into alignment. And more multidimensional parts of me came home, the gift of 'seeing disease in the body and trapped energy in the organs, bones and tissue. The ability to see the sacred geometry in the land and ether and to translate this golden unity coding in the light body with crystalline clarity, to bring it forward to activate.


I adore holding space,  for deep heart connections, this is why I trained to be a celebrant,  I wish celebrate love and  honor the ancient traditions of ceremony.  My training was from the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids.

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  • 2014- &CRYSTALS Was born and grew very fast, soon I had magazines writing about my crystal work and a publisher approached me to write a conscious crystals book it seemed the crystals had spoken!  I am a crystal guardian through many lives so to provide this deeply caring, thoughtful service was a priority.

  • 2015- SOUND AWAKENING- I experienced crystalline sound and I could see and feel the power shift instantly. I took a sound practitioner course to understand and respect the practice. More than anything it was a lesson in how to support people through their release. I witnessed in myself how powerful sound is.  It was important for me to do that training before I began to hold my group sound journeys. Holding space for people is a position I deeply honor and respect.

  • I got a diploma in Acupressure- I found myself intuitively pressing points of people’s body knowing which organs needed help for energetic release. I can body scan and see blockages within the body through all layers emotional, etheric and very often the physical layers.

  • 2019- BOOK RELEASE- my book 'Crystals a conscious guide' was released into the world.

  • I was Asked to be the 'Crystal Expert' writing a monthly crystal column in one of the UKS  lead Spirtual magazines 'Spirit and Destiny'

  • BREATH WORK- I completed David Elliott's  Practitioners breath work training in New York, to add to my tool box of energy practices to help release emotional trauma from the body.

  • CEREMONY- Under the Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids I began my training to become a Celebrant to officiate Rites of passage; Hand fastening ceremonies, baby naming, mother to be blessings, and vow renewal ceremonies, by June I will be fully qualified.

  • My Spirit Animal wisdom' Oracle deck released- created with Nikki Strange and published by Aster/Octopus books.

  • 2020- My Crystal book won an award- soul and spirit award, winner of best Crystal book.

  • The spirit of Cacoa started to visit me in my dreams, so I decided to train with Kieths Cacao- so I can offering Ceremonial Cacoa,  a beautiful heart opening plant element I can bring to my ceremonies.

  • 2020- I became a Celebrant, under the training of the Ovate and Bards, I offer wedding, hand fasting, vow renews, mother to be blessing ways and baby naming ceremonies.

  • 2022- My 2nd Oracle deck. 'Earth Alchemy' was published by Watkins books.

  • Started taking groups on pilgrimages and holding Retreats in Glastonbury, UK and Tulum Mexico.

  • 2023- Trained in the  the Art of Birth and 'Closing of the Bones' ceremony by renowned Mexican Midwife ​Naolí Vinaver. 

  • 2023- Begin Work on my next Crystal book, the songs of the stones and Next Oracle deck 'Earth Song' both to be published by Watkins Wisdom in 2025.

You can also find me at &Crystals...

I created & set up my business &Crystals in 2017 where I made it my mission to offer people crystals with the healing guidance needed to work with them.  I have established a very divine relationship with a small family 4th generation miners & guardians of the land in the regions of Brazil where I get my crystals from. It is important to me that I can guarantee that all my crystals are ethical and that I can offer 100% visibility of my stones from miner to store.


First & foremost I am a crystal whisperer, passing on the messages of the stones.  I love to teach people how to connect with crystalline energy. I have given workshops & spoken on panels all over the world. I have a monthly crystal column in 'Spirit and Destiny magazine' one of the biggest spiritual magazines in the UK. I have a book published by octopus books, 'Crystals & conscious guide' as well as a spirit animal wisdom oracle deck' and Earth Alchemy Deck published with Watkins books,available in all good book shops and on my website, link below.



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