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Formerly known as 'The Crystal Temple'

Awakening your Atlantean healing lineage, Rising with the Magdalene consciousness.

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10 Module Crystal Activation and healing Course


Awaken your divine crystalline nature and sacred priestess lineages.

'This is a course for the healers, and those curious to develop themselves and awaken further to their healing missions.'



We will build on Atlantean healing you have experienced in your past, with 3 keys (codes) of light that you will be re aligned with, to enhance your healing frequency. This is a training on how to work with them on yourself and others to awaken ancient lines within them. 

I have been divinely instructed on how to support them awakening them within you. They will help you to find strength, peace, and empowerment. These codes facilitate a portal to high frequency Atlantean healing currents that were given within the temple of healing arts by the Elders of the community.  Passed down through family lines, similar to Reiki, but have a much different feel, they are sun codes passed from source that the Atlantean used and continued to work with through the Mayans, Incan's and Egyptians, this is why we will work with the solar energies and Sirian councils of RA to facilitate this shift into full embodiment.  You are drawn to this course and reading this because you have experience this healing modality before, you have had a life on Atlantis. Now is the time to explore.



Experience working with high vibrational stones that will support and unlock information within you through each session. From Ruby, to a crystal known as the 'Alchemy stone' and a crystal that can help you shape-shift to share experiences with animal spirits,  which is something the ancient Shamans did.



In this course we will dive into the Gem Rays, the Ruby fire, and Emerald fire. through the healing temples of Atlantis. Passing its initiations and teachings, that many before us have held and protected. We will connect with the golden source ray for powerful healing and the multifaceted diamond fire.



There is frequency of heart & womb opening moving this course, with the energies of the Magdalen consciousness weaving through.   I have been documenting the ritual & initiations of the Magdalen and has insight to offer regarding their energy and teachings.  Perhaps you have been wanting to explore this connection within you, or wanting to learn more. Then this is the course for you.  The divine mothers energy is forefront of this course from Mother Mary, Mary Magdalen, the Hathor's and Goddess Isis.  There are many strong female ancestors &  lineages gathering for you to connect with.  


We will focus on the heart and womb (sacral)  with emphasis on the rising of the divine feminine,  your role in that, and what it looks like for you. We will address the wounds of the divine feminine that reside within you, where they lie, we will give the space to be seen & ask the 'Why' behind them.


We will work with Ruby for this shedding and becoming, as this stone embodies the passion and love that the Magdalen bring, it is a gem ray, the Ruby Ray is a strong healing ally for this part of your journey.


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My work over the past few years as focussed on in depth womb healing, ancestral trauma release, re imprinting, and helping those identify fear that takes space in your  womb.  We will explore and connect with your womb in a deeper way,  you will learn to scan, pin pointing and release trauma with guided healing journey work. This is important to work through in a held space, as we move onto receiving the a Magdalen womb code to work with on ourselves and others.


We will explore the healing techniques of the Hathors, with tesseract and Rose healing that you can bring into your practice and work on with others. The Hathors are masters of sonic frequency and sonic shattering we will experience with them.  

Each moment and experience creates an opening for you to step into a higher frequency current or bandwidth to heal, to be able to pass the highest frequency you can through you as a conductor of infinite light.

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The Crystals of this course


We will be working with 12 crystals to support all healing. These will be:-


  • Record Keeper Ruby

  • Sphalerite tower

  • Petalite

  • Nummnite

  • Pietersite

  • Vivianite

  • Platonic solid set of 5 crystals

  • Starbury Quartz

Please note that these crystals are not included within the course. You may be able to purchase them seperately when the shop is open and if there is stock. You do not need to have these crystals to be able to do this course as you can still tune into the energy of each one.

By gifting yourself this healing space & training, you will Receive

This course builds on the foundations of level 1, the 'New Earth Elementals course' it is beneficial to have done this course before, but it is not a pre-requisite.  Because of the level of instruction and information I have decided to open it to all. 


It is a 10 Module self realisation journey, learn about your soul, your higher vibrational aspects, your connection to Atlantis and the Magdalene. 

Heal, nourish, remember, release, face shadows, connect to your essence and what you came here to do.


This course has an abundance of healing and teachings of the crystalline kingdoms, rooted in ancient tradition and wisdom.

Working with the crystals of the ancients to facilitate and bring in the new healing modalities of the next golden age that you can realign and awaken within you - through your ancestry and star lineage to be able to offer them to others, and build on your practice for expansion.



  • 9 Recorded calls - over 21 hours work of recorded videos

  • A course workbook made up of 213 pages

  • Journaling prompts

  • Fiats and Decrees of light for your spiritual development

  • 3 printed Light codes for the Training


You will have unlimited access to these videos so you can continue to work through as a healing that GROWS WITH YOU. This will allow you to do these activations & meditations repeatedly. Each time you will receive something that assists where you are at that time on your journey.   

What does this journey look like...

Module 1 - Higher Heart Alchemy with Petalite

Opening the heart with Master Yeshua, healing persecution and aligning with the higher heart with Petalite.

In this module we open the container to remember and honour your Magdalene and grail past connections, we begin to open those line’s within you however they may show up for you. We meet with your Goddess/lady master guide for this course. We will connect with the Sophia/Christos Template and sit with Yeshua in the resurrection cave to heal past religious dogma and themes of persecution around religion trapped in your psyche.

Module 2 - Unfolding in The Trinity Healing of Yeshua and Mary Magdalene with Starbury Quartz

I share with you the sacred flames, the Secret and the Gem rays. What it means to be a flame keeper and how this aligns with the crystals. We will be looking at the triple Burner system and the place of the Magdalene sacred oils on this course. There will also be an introduction to sacred geometry plus also the first healing code.

Module 3 - Reflection and Integration

An opportunity for a sacred pause to allow for the integration and to also reflect on the first two modules. You will receive a healing audio and journalling questions.

Module 4 - Connecting with the wisdom of the ancients with Pietersite

in this session we are going to touch on the Triple burner system, where it is and why its important for us. Locating the yang pool, energetic opening and tap on it with Starbury Quartz and oil Myrrh. We will journey with Pietersite to connect with the medicine tribes of your past, connecting with the animals.

Module 5 - The Path of the Ruby Ray, with Ruby

In this session we will explore the embodied energy of the Ruby and the Red Rose. Their connection to the Magdalene and 'purification through love' which was one of the teachings of the temple of the Ruby Fire in Atlantis. We will learn about the Ruby Ray, a Gem ray of such potency, carried and amplified by the magdalen within their hearts flame.

Module 6 - Nuummite Releasing Soul Wounds Within The Cosmic Mothers Womb

In this module we will be connecting to the secret rays & bringing them into our heart to support lightbody clearing Implant removal clearing our own light body and clearing others. We will learn about and connect to The Hathors and their support at this time. 

Module 7 - Exploring the Void and The Cosmic Mothers Womb

Exploring the void and the cosmic mothers womb, multidimensional healing with the Hathors, learning about Sphalerite and how it can support us through this journey.

Module 8 - The Female Alchemists

In this session we will explore the female Alchemists of history, their stories and connection to the Mystery schools and seeding esoteric wisdom. We will work on healing the distortion of gold that took place in Atlantis, harmonizing currents within you and the collective. Opening a space for you to dive into your connection with gold, whether it shows up for you in the form of finance or through more alchemical processes. We will heal past life manipulation with this metal.

Module 9 - Temple of the Healing Arts

  • Connecting with the energy of the womb and anchoring with crystals

  • Receiving the 2nd code from Goddess Isis.

Module 10 - Working with Atlantean Codes of light 

  • Lightbody activation on the crystal column.

  • Receiving the 3rd code from the masters and goddess. You will re-visit the healing space you will be moving these codes through, the journey to connect with the codes is just as important as the codes themselves.

  • We will reclaim your Atlantean priest/priestess self for initiation.

I have such gratitude to you for providing this sacred container Katie-Jane. The connection to these powerful crystal beings is just beyond! I have to share that this session with the fulgurite brought in frequencies so high that my electronics have been glitching like mad. When we "pushed away" energies at one point, all of our car alarms went off in our driveway. I ran out barefoot in the snow to try and turn them off, to no avail. Then just as suddenly, they stopped on their own. Then my tv turned on by itself. I have worked with the fulgurite and Libyan Tektite every day since our session and each time I am taken on a journey. It is beyond powerful. Thank YOU!


This 10 module course is ready and waiting for you. As soon as you have purchased it you can start watching the recordings. 

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