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1:1 Intensive Zoom Session

Each session is different, you may have specific intentions or you might be happy for me to bring forward what needs to be healed and heard for you at this time. Each session is informative, by reading your souls blueprint we follows a format of journeying and receiving as I bring forward steady flow of information through your earthly and cosmic records, and a healing space for light expansion, activation and crystalline DNA healing.


Due to the nature of my work each session is 90mins to allow for the full flow of information and multidiomensional healing 

What your session could include.

  • Past Life insight- re-imprinting memories,  clearing soul contracts and highlighting core patters to heal.

  • Womb healing- connection to your spirit children and preparing the womb for motherhood

  • Stellar origins- accessing cosmic entanglements and healing them.

  • Meeting your spirt Teams and guide's- angelic, ancestral, goddess, accented master and animals.

  • Crystals that resonate with your energy at this time to work with and how to work with them.

  • Light language activations and multi dimensional healing.

  • Journey work to reclaim keys of light that are resonant to your soul.

  • Soul Retrieval and soul group healing

  • Support with sensitive children.

Is this for you?

You may feel blocked and need that extra help with a deeper connection, to activate dormant gifts.

You may have been guided here feeling I have some keys of light for you to unlock wisdom.

You may want more insight on your souls past and origins

You may be on a fertility journey and would like assistance connecting with your womb, your spirit child and help preparing energetically for your baby.

Kristy HoltSoul Mentor and Coach

Katie is an incredibly gifted, heart-centred guide, healer, priestess and mystic, helping you to see clearly your own truth reflected. I’m blown away by her courage, boldness, dedication and crystal clarity. I feel very blessed to have connected with her. The work she is doing is of incredible importance and I cannot recommend her 1-1 sessions enough!

Pink Marble

Heather AlpersEnergy Alchemist

Katie-Jane is a wonderful teacher and guide. By the time I had completed her mentorship program, I was a new person. Her ability to identify and release energetic blocks is unlike anyone I have worked with. Her connection to higher guidance is pure and strong and the healing results are immediate. I am very thankful I was able to work with her, over the three sessions, to come more into myself and to own my full worth. I highly recommend Katie-Jane to anyone who seriously wants to get past their blocks to align more with the love we all share.

Pink Marble

Joyce Wang/ artist and healer

I really loved my healing session with Katie Jane, the space she created was so pure and full of love. It covered so many layers. We resolved past life issues, balanced all of my physical, emotional and energy systems as well as brought in massive downloads of new energy that really helped me to kick start a new cycle of life.  Can’t thank her enough!!! 

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