I invite you to dive into your soul's truth with me,  you will be taken on a personal guided journey with sound, light language and multidimensional healing, to the higher octaves to awaken, release and retrieve energies you have left through time lines.

 Within the higher Octaves we will connect with source and lords of light to facilitate deep cellular and DNA activations, clearing of energy centre, activation and alignment with high frequencies.

130 GBP | 60 minute

What the session could include


Every session is different and cover’s so much healing on many different levels and planes of existence at once.  Often I move through multiple timelines at once to clear, depending on the situation, we can move through a lot in a short space of time.  Within the higher octaves, the 3rd and 4th Harmonic universes where I work, there is no linear time, I create a time lock and a space for us to move through so the optimum amount of healing your heart and energy filed can receive and move with can be done. It is important to create the balance with harmony through the light body.


You may have a fixed focus and intention to share or you could allow me address what needs to be seen for you at that time- often they will align.  I make notes before the session after having permission to enter your energy field.

Is this for you?

  • You may feel blocked and need that extra help with a deeper connection, to activate dormant gifts.

  • You may have been guided here feeling I have some keys of light for you to unlock wisdom.

  • You may want more insight on your souls past and origins

These are the areas we work on and elements that weave into this work


  • Connecting with your higher vibrational soul aspects to bring through messages and wisdom.  We have many aspects of us working and existing on many planes, we are multidimensional beings. I give the space to connect with the soul aspects of yours that wish to be known to integrate into a soul homecoming or wish to be known to guide you.

  • Soul and fragment retrieval and integration.

  • Body scanning- I will scan your energy body to identify blocked areas and go deep into the core of that emotion, where it comes from, moving through that past life and akashic records with the lords of light, karmic board and divine director to work on the rebalancing of this.

  • My work often involve’s entity, etheric implant, parasite, and tracker removal.

  • Cellular release along the spine- our spine is such an important focus point for energy release, we will move through the 6 portal points there and the master cell at the base of the spine to work through any ancestral trauma that comes up to release.

  • Plasma healing with the rays of the next universe, unbinding and release through cells and re attainments through the master cells.

  • Remembering and awakening your gifts, this often comes after the session, as the shifts occur as light language is highly activational, people find they feel much lighter and clearer after a session with clair audio and clairvoyance developing or strengthening.

  • Connection and messages from your guides.

  • Past life healing -I work to harmonizing those memories and imprints through guided journeying together with our guides and ancestors to heal the memory, to reframe and re imprint the matrix. We send healing to those involved, address any soul retrievers and aspects of the self that have splintered off through trauma and we reintegrate them.

  • Sovereignty Womb healing and key code activating - I hold womb key codes of the Magdalene lineage which activate within you through sound and healing.

  • Chakra clearing, alignment and release

Face-to-face or 1-hour session.

Energy Investment: 130 GBP

Note: I recommend that you record this session for you to revisit another time.

Katie is an incredibly gifted, heart-centred guide, healer, priestess and mystic, helping you to see clearly your own truth reflected. I’m blown away by her courage, boldness, dedication and crystal clarity. I feel very blessed to have connected with her. The work she is doing is of incredible importance and I cannot recommend her 1-1 sessions enough!

Kristy HoltSoul Mentor and Coach



Pink Marble

Heather AlpersEnergy Alchemist

Katie-Jane is a wonderful teacher and guide. By the time I had completed her mentorship program, I was a new person. Her ability to identify and release energetic blocks is unlike anyone I have worked with. Her connection to higher guidance is pure and strong and the healing results are immediate. I am very thankful I was able to work with her, over the three sessions, to come more into myself and to own my full worth. I highly recommend Katie-Jane to anyone who seriously wants to get past their blocks to align more with the love we all share.



Pink Marble

I really loved my healing session with Katie Jane, the space she created was so pure and full of love. It covered so many layers. We resolved past life issues, balanced all of my physical, emotional and energy systems as well as brought in massive downloads of new energy that really helped me to kick start a new cycle of life.  Can’t thank her enough!!! 

Joyce Wang/ artist and healer