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more of a intro here. 

77 GBP | Written Document

I will tune into your energy field and scan your body through all layers to allow what needs to come up be heard. The crystals will present themselves to me for you, and offer me wisdom and visions as to how they wish to be used.

I will suggest crystals to work with, and give guidance to why these stones and layouts to work with them.

For a limited time, you'll have the opportunity to purchase these stones 20% off following the session, as I have a crystal store. This is if I do have them in stock, if so please email me about this if you are interested.

To do this reading I ask for your permission, your full name, and a recent photograph of you sent to me via email.

Energy Investment: 130 GBP

Emma CannonFertility and woman’s health expert, author of 5 books, motivational speaker, and TED talker

My session with Katie Jane brought such clarity and healing to a very difficult choice I had to make. I was so full of fear it was clouding my judgement. The session completely transformed my take on things, bringing me to a place or clarity, strength and peace. I now feel able, excited even, to face the challenge ahead of me



I've had spiritual experiences ever since I was a little girl. The past years my spiritual journey has sped up and been all over the place, and I've felt very lonely and helpless in this process. I felt like things were out of control. I've been working with several clairvoyant people and mediums during this time, but it wasn't until I got help from Katie-Jane that I felt like someone really tapped into my world and could help. I truly cannot express how wonderful, giving, and lovely all my experiences with Katie-Jane have been. I feel like she really puts me in the center of the readings and helps me grow. She includes me in a very unique way and helps me find back to my inner power and light.

What I love and appreciate the most about her work is how she explains the channelings and readings in a very sensible way. You won't be overwhelmed with information you don't understand, she'll walk you through it all, and make you feel safe. I'm forever grateful and I hope to continue working with her many years from now. She's such a gift!

Merete GrahamCreator of @malash



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