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I work alongside source to facilitate deep clearing and healing of DNA, cellular and atomic structures, this healing speaks to all cells within our body through all layers. 

88 GBP | Audio Recording

I open up a sacred, held and deeply protected container within the 4th Harmonic universe, which is of a 8th Dimensional field and above. This acts as a healing chamber that serves your highest good and the highest good of your soul, connecting in with your I AM presence, and over-lit by source. It is so important that we meet within this multidimensional held space with the purest vibrations. I am very careful over this as I know and respect energies and the exchange.

Why is it for you?

  • If you feel you have any blocks that you are finding it hard to move through,

  • If you want deeper insight on your energy field at this time.

  • *If you feel you are going through a transition or have been guided me to provide an activation on your light body to unlock key frequency codes, light language so that you can step into your light and a higher frequency template

I record an audio of each session which lasts 20mins- and it will be sent to you as an audio file, the reason I do this is as I work through the healing I hold the chamber within a time lock so you can then access it afterwards through my voice in a conscious way. By working this way we get much work done, so 20mins of our time might not sound like a lot but believe me, we do get through so much, it's so incredible focused and I don't stop until source lets me know our work for that day is done, or that I feel it is enough for your energy body to integrate. I work closely with Harmony and the spiritual laws of balance, that we can only expand into as much light and frequency as our hearts flame can hold in a balanced way.

Although the work is done it still exists to access on a higher plane. The audio is a documentation of the exchange, full of light language and sound, it helps you follow the energy currents, rays and flames I worked with so that you can 'be' with, witness and knowledge the healing, this is so important. It's easy for a healer to say ok I sent you healing, and on some levels you may question and feel no difference. It does mean the work hasn't been done. This is my way of communicating what work was done, so you can experience it in another way.


Every session is different, I have undivided focus on what I am doing and the space I am holding. People who have had distant healing have experienced multiple layers of clearing. From ancestral trauma, womb blockages, hurts along the divine feminine and masculine surfacing. To light language activation on specific energy centers, awakening and expanding the use of third eye, higher chakras and pituitary gland. As well as working around the cells and portal points of the spine for deep recalibration at a core level.

Energy Investment: 88 GBP

Aimee Johnson

This is a perfect time to connect with Katie-Jane! The world has been turned on its head and with so much stuff coming up for clearing and healing, she is absolutely the best person I know to guide you through this work. She is kind and committed, and spectacularly skilled, bringing all of her intuitive arts into play.

I had a distance healing last week that was so incredibly helpful as well as magical! All I had to do was lie down and be very present. Afterwards, I felt both peaceful and energized, like a huge weight I’d been unaware of carrying had been lifted. Everything has been easier since then and I find that the things we clear during these sessions don’t recur. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. If you’re feeling the call to let go of any energy that no longer serves you, you won’t regret booking a session!!



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