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Earth Medicine Retreat

Dear Crystalline Friend

I had the call from the land & the ancestors to go to Mexico this year. For months before, the Jaguar spirit was visiting me in my dreams, I was burning mayan copal and the crystal skulls were activating around me unlike anything I have ever felt before. The land had started to communicate long before I arrived there. Ancient wisdom was awakening.

I met my dear friend and fellow healer Maryke in Mexico. We both knew after the first day in the waters together that we had to work on a retreat to these sacred lands. Maryke lives in Tulum and knows the lands & waters well, feeling the call to come here from her native Australia 3 years ago. 

The land here offers many powerful moments, a waking up of shamanic light coding within that was seeded during Lemuria and Mu, as well as much Maya wisdom.  There was much Cosmic crystal skull energy to translate and work with, which has asked us to go back to specific temples to support the re-seeding of light coding which we will assist with in planetary grid work on this retreat.

Mexico supported me to rebirth myself at such a deep cellular level…

It showed me how to let go of everything I thought I was and move forwards in the grace and mystery of not knowing, only knowing that it doesn't matter, it is all perfect and divine. 

From bathing in the womb cave cenotes and experiencing the fresh clay in the lagoons, to traditional Mayan Temazcal & rebirth ceremony. Every day offers magic and the opportunity to rebirth yourself over and over.

~ Katie-Jane ~

Are you being called to join me for the 2023 Earth Medicine retreat in Mexico?


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Past Retreat reviews

This weekend taught me what exchange really is. The act of giving and receiving from a place of absolute unconditional love. This weekend taight me the meaning of sisterhood, safety, rawness, widom, vulnerability and the art of surrender. The permission to be and own all parts of me. This weekend had me in tears. Tears of joy, tears of great release. This weekend allowed me to release ancient sadness and reconnect with wisdom my soul hadnt been connected to for so long. Most of all this weekend brought together an incredibly circle of sisters, a reuniting of women. I can''t begin to express the gratitude and unconditional love I have for this group and Katie-Jane. We laughed together, we cried together, danced together and created rainbows together. A reclamation of wisdom. Pure magic. I am in utter awe and my heart is so full.


Shelley - Avalon Retreat 2022

WOW, what an unbelievably amazing weekend! It is hard to put my experience into words. I feel eternally grateful to have been on this journey and have met all these powerful women. During the weekend I turned to one of my soul sisters and said 'I genuine think that was one of the best experiences of my life, I feel in awe of the power women hold, it was truly beautiful', as I watched and helped these women release trauma that has been stored in their bodies. The sheer magic weaved throughout the whole weekend is something I will never forget. The love I feel in my heart for Katie-Jane radiates my body as I write this, I am in awe of the power she holds, the magic she shares and the love she commits to everything she does. The crystals, the food, the energy, the malas, the music, the love thank you thank you thank you. Thank you so much Katie-Jane, you have helped us more than you will know. I am forever grateful, and cannot wait for the next one. Love you! xxx

Zoe - Avalon Retreat 2022

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