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This is a bundle of both The New Earth Course and The Magdalene Codes.


Please note that these courses are not live - they are recordings from previous live containers.



This course is made up of 8 recordings from the previous live course. Whilst we use and connect with crystals in this course, they are not automatically included. You may be able to buy them seperately if there is stock available and when my online shop is open. 


Please refer to my sister site:


The crystals used in this course are: Lava Skull, Herkimer Diamond, Golden Libyan Tektite, Fulgurite, Stromatolite, Vanadinite


Join Katie-Jane on this unique 8 week online healing + activating crystal journey, each session you will dive deeper into your healing, opening past life memories and connect to the crystals and the earth.


Learn how to connect with crystals in a multidimensional way. Remembering the ways of the Ancients of the shamans of Lemurian and Priestess of Atlantis.

It is more than a crystal course it is a healing journey and awakening to the many frequencies around you.  Aligning to your Diamond crystalline template and activating your DNA. Through new ways of grounding and anchoring in the higher frequency of cosmic consciousness.


You can find more information on this course:




THIS COURSE WAS FORMERLY CALLED THE CRYSTAL TEMPLE. Please make sure that you are not duplicating when buying this course. 


This course does not include crystals. At times when the online shop is open for crystals and there is stock available, you will be able to purchase the crystals boxes that go with this course. The link will be available here once the crystals boxes are available. You can of course purchase these crystals somewhere local to you too.


The crystals used in this course are: 

  • Record Keeper Ruby

  • Sphalerite tower

  • Petalite

  • Nummnite

  • Pietersite

  • Vivianite

  • Platonic solid set of 5 crystals

  • Starbury Quartz



It is a 10 Module self realisation journey, learn about your soul, your higher vibrational aspects, your connection to Atlantis and the Magdalene. 

Heal, nourish, remember, release, face shadows, connect to your essence and what you came here to do.


This course has an abundance of healing and teachings of the  crystalline kingdoms, rooted in ancient tradition and wisdom.

Working with the crystals of the ancients to facilitate and bring in the new healing modalities of the next golden age that you can realign and awaken within you - through your ancestry and star lineage to be able to offer them to others, and build on your practice for expansion.


  • 9 Recorded calls - over 21 hours worth of recorded videos

  • A course workbook made up of 213 pages

  • Journaling prompts

  • Fiats and Decrees of light for your spiritual development

  • 3 printed Light codes for the Training


You will have unlimited access to these videos so you can continue to work through as a healing that GROWS WITH YOU. This will allow you to do these activations & meditations repeatedly. Each time you will receive something that assists where you are at that time on your journey.   


Here is more information:

Bundle: New Earth & Magdalene Codes

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