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Activating and Anchoring in new planetary frequencies of love with the Dragons from Venus


A 90 minute recorded workshop from a live on Sunday, 9th June 2024


In the workshop you will:


  • Work with the 3rd Ray of divine love to expand open and connect with your heart complex in a
  • Deeper way, focusing on your divine essence, crystalline heart template and heart’s flame.
  • Create a clear channel through your highest galactic chakras to bring through and anchor the Crystal Pink flame of Venus into your hearts to move into the earth and planetary unity grid.
  • Working with a host of Angelics, the dragon guards, Venus dragons, Lady Master Venus, Archange Chamuel and his twin flame Archai Charity to anchor, embody and radiate love.
  • You will receive a clearing through the adrenals and kidney in the golden plasma light of The Great Central sun.
  • Focussed clearing on your spinal channel.
  • Journey to Venus and the Pink crystals flame to witness the creation of many Pink Air dragons and receive healing from them.
  • Interact and meet the venus dragons and mother creator dragon who offers you a gift.
  • Create a gateway of plasma light to provide safe passage of the Pink venus dragons into the grids, here we hold and witness this intensified Venus Frequency of love into the earth planes.
  • Infuse love, light and peace into the grids collectively, in war torn areas and to all beings and people on this earth.
  • Support the release and transmutation in the grids of collective grief.



Join us to add to this container of love, as we anchor and witness a higher percentage of ‘divine love’ enter the Gaia.




Dragons of Venus

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