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Hello,  my name is Katie-Jane,

I am a crystal whisperer, sound healer,  'seer' energy healer and Celebrant.

People often find me when they are moving through periods of transformation and need help healing and understanding the potential of their soul.  


Since a child I have visited the Akashic records, being a psychic clairvoyant since a I was younger. I can see and read soul and earths blueprints, and records from not just the Akashic field (earthly history)  but from Amenti, cosmic consciousness. So I am here to offer you the pieces, the seeds of light of yours soul, the places you have lived, the people you have been to identify karmic patterns  and imbalances so you can release them.


work on the emotional layer of the aura, finding and identifying the emotions trapped in your organs, bones and cells.  Bringing it into the physical and on the anatomical level is important so I offer acupressure and physical manipulation of muscles to bring the healing into the body.  I do this through 1-1 treatments in my home in Oxfordshire, uk.  


As well as healing sessions I offer crystal workshops, circles, retreats and bespoke ceremonies. Honoring the rites of passage and celebrating love in all its forms, from Hand fasting, wedding vow renewals, baby naming ceremonies, to mother to be and baby blessing circles. 

I speak many star frequency's  Light language releases and activates, it goes straight into your core and shakes you up, I am here to hold space, to facilitate and witness growth, transformation, and Re-birth.


We are all on this journey together, but a lot of it is experienced separately. We all face the same themes of love, self-worth, wanting to be seen, wanting to be heard.


I am here to tell you that you are not alone, and you never were. I can offer you the keys to come into alignment with your truth and all that you are. I only offer the keys and hold the space, I guide you, you have to do strive to do the work.


I am here to serve with an open heart, please click on the link below which best serves your soul's needs.


For me light language is language of the soul, its a higher frequency current of energy that moves through me,  when I speak and sing it I erupts from me heart and I feel free, it goes above and beyond all limiting concepts and beliefs, it's the purest expression of freedom and healing to me.



“Mother Earth, Father sky
I sit in your presence with the energies of nature,

 Air around me,
 Fire within me,
Water around me
Earth below me.

Air carries me up high
Fire light’s the way
Water cleanses me
Earth holds my soul
There is nothing above there is not below.”