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To me light language is language of the soul, its a higher frequency current of energy that moves through me,  when I speak and sing it I erupts from me heart and I feel free, it goes above and beyond all limiting concepts and beliefs, it's the purest expression of freedom and healing to me.

I can only explain it through my personal experience, it is one that words do not do justice, you ‘feel’ light language, it transcends consciousness and moves you through alternate realities.

To understand light language we would have to start with what light is. Every one of us is a creation of light, sonics, and sacred geometry. Light language holds the codes of creation and creator energy. Every animal, every human, every planet in our galaxy all carry this sacred geometry of light. It is in your DNA and in every atom. It is in the foundation for so much of our world. Light language is scared geometry produced by vibrations and often very high-frequency sonics. It is one of the most powerful tools to shift consciousness and energy that I have come across. There are many layers to light language. It is highly activating, helping you to access information from many realms beyond common exploration. It helps you process and move through deep energetic shifts, facilitate light body restructuring and helps you gain access the Source light codes you need to ascend, move into a high vibrational template.

Many people are beginning to wake up to this as a modality of healing, they see these codes in their light body. They may even dream in galactic languages and hear others talk to them in their dream state. Often people see my activation codes or hear me speak it and deeply recognize it, but they don’t understand why, they just seem to recognize it. Its because your soul hears and understands it.

Your body responds to the vibration of light language and takes the frequency to where in your body it is needed. The more you experience it and open up, the more you will benefit from it.


Many in the past have had the gift of ‘speaking in tongues’ it is nothing new, and have realized that this is communicating with higher realms of consciousness. When I speak my light language I can move between an earth light language, Source, and the angels.

I connect with higher vibrational aspects of myself to speak Andromedan, Venusian, and Sirian star dialects. I find I am a translator for these higher frequencies for the light councils. I hold Source light ascension flame codes, Christos and Sophia key codes for alignments and new earth water keys, that I then pass onto those that my soul recognize's needs them.

Sometimes light language will show as clicks, pulses, tones, and often it comes out as a heart language. As a speaker- I can communicate the energies of many beings from plants, to elementals, to our ancestors. Light language is nothing new, it is, as with everything a ‘remembering’. We have spoken it in other dimensions, lifetimes, and during the Golden Age of Lemuria.

I have been fully activated to many forms of light language for the past few years. I had felt for a year previously many of my guides wanting to step into my throat to speak through me, at that time fear held me back and I didn’t allow it. I do not allow anything into my body to speak through me, I connect to the current and frequency stream and allow it to travel up from my heart and out.


A higher vibrational aspect of myself merged back into my heart when this light language journey began, a deep heart connection was felt and remebered, and with this came flowing in a new energy to bring a new template online. I was able to hold all of these new frequencies as energetic keys. The aspect that integrated was a high priestess aspect of my soul, a priestess within Ra’s tribe in Atlantis.

Depending on the frequency, before I speak it builds like a river running through me, I cannot deny the surge of energy, and when I speak the voice holds such power and movement. I work to bring awakening, high-frequency activations, remove etheric implants, entities and to bring other soul aspects home in others.

MY songs are the songs of old priestess temple ceremonies of the past, forgotten for a long time. A water priestess working closely with source and ancient sun codes for awakening. 

I scribe golden compass key codes for the soul's blueprint for alignment to a higher vibrational template. Light language activations codes and ascension light transmissions are given to me. Sometimes I see it in my third eye, other times I just hold the pen to the page and it rushes out of me, I've learned to step out of the way.

 light language has many layers and it is personal to whoever recieves it. When I do readings for people I am very aware of who the energy frequencies are from and what they mean, as I will be given an idea telepathically and shown symbols and visions as I scribe them. Often there will be instructions given as to how this person should work with them. The most important thing to know is once you have seen the codes they are absorbed and travel through your light body through all layers to go to the place they need to be, for example, your heart, feet, or over lighting your light body.

Often I get people to trace the codes in the air and watch them light up golden, so they can actively move them through their body. This helps them build a connection with the codes and feel more connected, but it is not necessary.


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