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Katie-Jane is based in the UK, BST/GMT timezone. Pls check your times before you book.

Conscious Conception
& Womb Healing

These sessions are suggested for:

*Souls seeking a deepen connection to their future child.

*For those womb seeking deep transformational womb healing and connection.

*To prepare parents to be, mothers, fathers, couple of the same sex for the arrival of their child and support through the IVF and Fertility journey.

My mission is to hold and support you in awakening a deeper connection with your future child, the womb and to support that transition to earth plane for the child and all those involved. From pre conception,  through pregnancy and birth.

Working with high frequency healing the energies within the womb and preparing you to conceive and hold a child, whether it is through IVF, surrogacy or adoption.

This session is not just for women, I have worked with same sex couples on a surrogacy journey, as well as egg donors.

Our session with Katie Jane was unlike anything we had ever experienced. My husband and I had had a somewhat challenging journey with fertility and were about to embark on our final egg retrieval with our donor. I would describe myself as spiritually open, but not super well versed and Katie Jane open my eyes & took me on a journey into space where we retraced previous lives and I learnt about the soul group I was in with my husband & our egg donor. It was incredible. At the end of the journey I met our beautiful boy Cosmo Jack and now he's here with me every day . I am so grateful.


James and Brian

Conscious Conception Session

Connecting with your future child and deeper womb connection

This is a 90 mins live zoom call with Katie-Jane

Investment: £200 per session

Contact Katie-Jane Directly for.

*Face to face, half day or full day intensive healing sessions her Yurt in Buckingham, UK

*Pilgrimages to Avebury fertility complex

*Closing of the Bones post partum Ceremony and baby naming ceremonies

Through the Fertility journey we often cover the physical layers, the diet, the exercise the tests and the mechanics of it with the doctors, but what we do not consider as much is your own personal energetic connection to the child and to the womb. How it feels, what it looks like to you, the emotions its holding and where.

This is the place we go into through shamaic journey work, we go into the womb together to talk to it and to listen, and in the space Katie-Jane can hear the uterus, the ovaries and talk to the eggs. This is just the beginning, here she can ‘see’ feel and hear any past life trauma, density and emotions to heal and release.

This is a journey you and your partner, and your soul group embark on, so many times I offer loving and nurturing  all around support to all members involved. It's an honour to be embarking on this special journey with you.

Focusing on the child.

The aim is for YOU to transform your womb space with her guidance and frequency upgrades. On doing that you can connect with your future child, build a relationship and call them in, the journey work moves to preparing for conception, and listening to the baby and what it needs and how it wishes to work with you. 

The soul of your future child may have things to dissolve and things to heal before it comes and we can focus on that, we can connect with its team of guides, as well as yours to bring this smooth and loving transition from spirit to womb in.

We even work with your partners higher self, healing and connecting with their sexual organs to see what they need more of, after all it’s a partnership. Katie-Jane suggests more than 1 session with her for this work as it is a sacred journey shared, a minimum of 3 sessions is recommended. But we can discuss if that feels aligned to you after the first session.

In the past she has worked with those on a IVF journey, including both partners, and the egg donors, and with those women moving through the loss of a child.

Some of the beautiful things we cover:

  • Releasing birth trauma, whether it is your own, your mothers and grandmothers, to your own personal experience with birth.

  • Healing, activating, recalibrating and aligning the womb space.

  • Calling in and preparing the womb for your baby.

  • Connecting with your future child.

  • Past life healing, karmic clearing, identifying and witnessing core wounds stored in the womb for release.

  • Ancestral healing

  • Diet, Herbs and crystals to support you.

  • Deep light body and womb clearing, a release of cosmic entanglements; implants/devices/and programs existing from other aspects of you. 

  • De-armouring the womb space and yoni, sacred sexuality. 

  • Re-activating your kundalini energy and sexual energy.

How to prepare
As this is a very high vibration container with lots of frequency light activations Katie-Jane asks that you ground as much as you can before the session, spend some time in nature holding your intent to open your heart and receive. Plus, please drink plenty of water before and after your session.

Katie-Jane is based in the UK, BST/GMT timezone. Pls check your times before you book.


When I offered to be an egg donor, all I wanted was to help two special people experience the gift of becoming parents however, this also gave me a huge feeling of responsibility as I felt I had little influence over the outcome.

Embarking on an IVF cycle was a daunting, emotional and hormonally charged journey into the unknown.  I felt the joy of a baby was still a only potential and a positive outcome was solely in the hands of medical specialists.


A session with Katie-Jane was THE most cosmically reassuring experience we could have encountered and took place exactly when we needed it.  She connected directly with my womb and called in healing energies and spirits to assist in cleansing and support of the womb and ovaries.  We discovered the accuracy of the information she channelled half way through IVF and also at egg retrieval!


Katie-Jane has such universal wisdom and an immense psychic talent which meant she could explain in detail our individual soul journeys.  She was able to connect to and communicate with the soul of the child waiting to come in, which was mind-blowing and heart warming!


All messages were delivered with such compassion, love and warmth; more than any other healer, energy worker or psychic I have ever encountered.


This experience gave us the roots of confidence to connect back to throughout the IVF process and beyond.



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