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The Magdalene Codes

Awakening the Higher Hearts Alchemy,

Ancient Atlantean healing modalities & Magdalene lineages with the Stones of the earth.

Module_3_-_MeditationKatie-Jane Wright
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This is about taking a sacred 'pause' for reflection and integration.


Please listen to this Audio meditation I have created as an extra for the course to support you and where you are at this time.

After this you can answer any PDF journal prompts, and take this opportunity to sit with Petalite and Starbury Quartz and process all that has come up for you so far.


Thank you everyone for flowing with me through this initiation of light.


I have been trying to find the words to sum it up and it’s hard, the main one that comes to mind is ‘activating’. I am so excited to follow your journeys and see when you go from here as I can imagine a lot has clicked into place for you. It’s an exciting time of great growth.


It’s been lovely to see how you are working with your codes and weaving them into your practice in your own ways, keep the photos coming I love to see!


Continue to re-do the sessions, different things can come forward each time as you grow more and more. I hope to meet you again in the future, and I know we continue to weave magic together as one. My summer will be taken up resting and writing; I’m hoping to birth a book on the Magdalene by next spring (its half written and very much in line with this course) and write some more oracle cards.


I wish you a relaxing, refreshing and activating summer as we soak up this new light.


All my love my dearest sisters.


We are one xxxx

Thank you so much for joining me on this journey.

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