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Following the ‘Mary’ line in devotion


-Listening to the wisdom of the stones.

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"You will leave this experience, feeling expansion, with a renewed and empowered connection to your soul, its work and purpose.  You will be invigorated with a new connection to the lands."

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It is important then ever that we connect with the earth in a deeper way, she is the catalyst we need for healing.  Working in and with nature and the elements is a gift, Join me in this is a guided healing pilgrimage. Through the day we will explore-




















It is for those who are looking to connect deeper to their heart, their past, and multifaceted of their beautiful soul. We will walk through the sites along the Mary Dragon line, to facilitate ‘Re-Birth’


It is a time to ask yourself what are you birthing into creation? 


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Archeology and landscape Alignments

Symbolism of the Megaliths, Sacred sites and Shamanism.


Astrological alignments, ley connection, Earth energies and crystalline grids.


Healing journeys, meditation, ceremony


Sacred geometry, Comsic connection and information about the stone guardians.

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People often find me when they are at the edge of an awakening, or a period of transformation and growth, I support souls and soul groups in remembering, by reading your blueprints through the day I can give you insight into your past, gifts and higher vibrational aspects.


Learning how to drop into the grids, connect with the crystals in a very conscious way, and the spirits and the land and place in ceremony.  This will inform your conscious Earth work going forward.

The shifts will be multi-layered, some subtle but they will continue through the following days, weeks and months. Release will be accelerated as this site is a catalyst, with many portals to explore for fresh renewal and re alignment of your energy system.


Nature is our greatest healer.


Each site will bring  a new experience as your connection to the elements and ancestors. It is a journey of rebirth, woven and held by the divine feminine, the divine mother of all.


In ceremony we will call in that which you wish, releasing that which does not serve you and powerfully reclaiming those aspects of you that have been forgotten or left dormant.


The earth here is an activator with many powerful energy nodes interlacing, of which I will share with you.


I invite you to follow the ‘Mary’ line  with me, through the land, we will open up to, and connect deeper with the divine feminine within you allowing space within your heart for remembering and wisdom to rise.


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An understanding of your feminine side, a connection to its flow through you, as we will speak to many goddess guides and nature spirits to support this opening.


An understanding of how to connect with the land, drop into the grids and do Earth grid work with crystals and the gold, silver and white flames of the godhead.


A deeper understanding of your energy body, realignment and a lighter feeling in your heart of connection and grace.


Renewed confidence and empowerment in your missions of love.


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Initial 15 min call on booking to discuss your needs and the flow of the day.


A full day (10am to 4pm) guided tour of the sacred sites, with information, ceremony and ritual. Lunch will be included as well as snacks & water.


A hand selected crystal to suit your energy and healing needs at this time, picked by Katie-Jane and will be worked with on the day and attuned to the energies of the land, to enhance and continue your energy work.


Hands on healing at various sites, to support the clearing of energy from your light body. Guided journey work personally to you and the energies that show up for you on the day.


You will strengthen your connection with the earth's grids, learn how to work with them for healing, and meet new elemental guides including the dragons of the land.


We will dive into your past lives and connection to the ancestors, the Magdalen priestess, Saint Germain, and druid and fae links you may have had in the past, bringing any appropriate healing.


We will connect with forgotten aspects of you that reside on a different vibration or dimension, bringing union and deeper connection and understanding.


So not only is this a journey through the sacred sites, it is a soul journey of remembrance of who you are and the many parts of you that wish to be witnessed and reclaimed.



The energies of the Magdalen are very present on this journey with the Mary line, the connection to the mother, the feminine healing and the womb,  the energies of rebirth and renewal whisper through.



It is for those that wish to connect closer with the energies of this land, as a facilitator I can hold this space, I will translate the energies around and within you,  and bring forward the  messages and guidance for you.


You may have visited Avebury before but wish to deepen your insight, or you may be new to it and want to immerse yourself first time in it all, all are welcome


I offer 1-1 healing journeys and small groups up to 4.


You may wish to celebrate a rite of passage or birthday where I can tailor it to you and your needs.


If you are holding Retreats in the UK and wish to include Avebury into your itinerary I can accommodate this too - please get in touch.


The full journey will be from 10am until 4pm on weekdays only.

We will meet at Avebury, Wiltshire.

We will be doing a lot of walking so please do wear comfy shoes and clothes.

Lunch, snacks & water will be provided - there is a National Trust café. Bring with you your offerings of herbs, crystals & flowers.

The price of the full day which will include all healings, guided tour, & your very own hand selected crystal is:

For a one to one journey the price is £555

For a small group (up to 4 people) the price will be discussed via email as it depends on how many. Prices can start from £222 per person.

Happy to discuss a pricing plan - please let me know in your initial email.

Interested? Get in touch with me via email

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