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About Me

I am a ‘seer’ and healer, my ancestors on my mother line are from the Khasi hill tribes of Meghalaya, India. My mother was the first of the family born in the UK, They were a strong matriarchal community, ceremonialist and communicators with the stone and nature spirits.

I have my healing hands and connection to earth’s energies through them, from my grandmother, who interestingly was given the name of Magdalena by the Christian missionaries. I feel these medicine women speak through me when I guide people in journey.

To further my connection to the land I trained to be a celebrant with the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids community, respecting the ritual of ceremony and the land is important to me, and it aligned in my connection to the trees and my druid roots.

My experience is taught and initiated through spirit, for a long time I have felt the need to guide people through this site to connect in ceremony, rituals, meditation, guided journeywork, with crystals and sound. By bringing you to stillness at these sacred sites and guiding you into the ground and earth grids you can gain such insight, visions, healing and reclaim gifts.

Why choose me as your guide?

I understand the flow of energies in the earth, from higher vibrational cosmic frequencies coming in at certain alignments, I see, feel and hear it as beautiful sounds and colours. From the energies surging through the earth’s Leys, to the crystalline and unity grids as above so below us. I have a deep understanding of the mineral kingdom which enhances and conducts many of the earth’s energies. I translate energy, teach and hold space for people to connect deeper to the earth and stars is what I am here for.

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