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My Connection to Avebury

I have visited this sacred site over the course of many years, being called by the stones and the energies of the land at various astrological alignments and seasons. Each time various information and energies have revealed themselves, I go on to have the wisdom I have received confirmed by external sources, but there is a deep inner knowing already.

I know this land, it has the ability to stir so much within our heart space, the powerful energetic frequencies enhance and create space for opening, I can not think of a more potent place to heal, with the support of the land as a catalyst for change, rebirth and emergence.

The whole site is built on powerful ley lines, the dragon line currents of Mary and Micheal that weave through the sacred sites. Held together by the spirits of the land, the guardians of the place, the druid keepers and the ancestors. There is so much elemental energy to tune into.

Follow the path of many that have travelled in dedication before you, re-trace the steps of your ancestors, walk the line of Mary with me, through the sacred lands of Avebury.

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