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This is a journey for those who are seeking spiritual and emotional support on their Fertility journey. Often we focus so hard on the physical aspect of conceiving that we neglect the spiritual side, that deep connection with our womb that is necessary.


We will explore the mother flame within you and connect to this light at the base of your spine to support your awakening and journey into or to motherhood. 


We will awaken to the qualities of the divine mother, compassion for ourselves, forgiveness for ourselves, diving into those parts of us that need this.

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The Avebury complex is more like an ancient city, where it is said the pagans worshipped a fertility goddess and the  druids built  fertility temples.  In my experience it is the most potent place to open and activate the womb. The land here offers you connection and the answers you may be seeking, and once experienced its energy continues to open within you to bring deep realisations. Such is the magic and mystery of the divine mother, hers who line we will walk. 

This is more than a pilgrimage,  the lands are crucial to support you through this, it is a journey with empowerment and healing at its core.  We listen to the old voices in your womb, the old stories, as we begin to un-pick them, and to heal and witness those parts of you.

Following the Mary dragon line through the land it weave’s gentle surrendering and opening, raw creator energy to move and release trauma and blockages,  to  the stones bring a potent shake up to recalibrate and align your throat, to heart, to womb.  Every step the land will be holding you.


Whilst being held by myself and the land, this sacred fertility complex, you will allow yourself to re-write your fertility story,  letting go of the words around it that have left you in fear.  lighting that flame of trust and faith in your body and its ability to birth.



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For this package, Katie-Jane will choose a crystal for your journey that is suitable to support you, we will work with this through all healing work and ritual and imbue it with the energies of the land. It will be something for you to keep and continue to work with through the weeks and months after.




Before we meet on the call I will take an hour to tune into your energy and make notes on some focus points and generally feel energetically in your womb, I will highlight any areas we should  focus on.




90mins First zoom session one week before


We begin with a zoom call to meet and feel into the areas you would like to focus on. I will talk to you about what I have found and felt already. The session will include guidance from  crystals and plants who wish to  accompany you on this journey.


I will also bring forward your birthing team, in spirit, the beings supporting you in the journey, I call them the spirit doulas. They can include your ancestors, goddess, angels, animals, ascended masters and star beings.  I will ask one to step forward to guide us where needed, you will work with them in dedication for the whole journey.



1 Day Pilgrimage to Avebury.




90min follow up healing session one week later, in person or online.


This will bring focus to what you experienced on the pilgrimage, I will support you with integration, and any final healing that needs to be done to help realign the womb. We will speak to your team of spirit Doulas and your future child to check in and see how you can support yourself.  You will go away with more healing alignment and practical information to support yourself in the coming months.


The Pilgrimage to Avebury will be on a weekday from 10am until 5pm. Meeting at Avebury, Wiltshire. We will be doing a lot of walking so please do wear comfy shoes and clothes. ​Lunch, snacks & water will be provided - there is a National Trust café. Bring with you your offerings of herbs, crystals & flowers.

The Healing sessions will be on Zoom and in person. Finer details to be discussed during the Discovery call.

The price for this journey is £1,111​


Happy to discuss a pricing plan - please let me know in your initial email.

Price & Payment options can be spread over 3 to 5 months.

Interested? Get in touch with me via email

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