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Crystal Heart of Lemuria

7 Week Quantum Crystal Healing course

Remembering Lemuria & Activating your ancient wisdom through the Lemurian seed grid and Divine Mother Energies of Lemuria.

I'm just so excited about our meet up for module 2. To tune into all things Lemuria and your beautiful place in that time. As so many things are flying in onto of what I had planned - I can’t let it go over to 3 hours again. Its a lot of information to take in - I have decided that this week I am going to give you the majority of the information to read before we meet.


During this module we will cover key points and be working with Lemurian crystals. My guides have asked me to share all the information with you before so that my mind has more space to open to the new coming in for you and this container.

There’s going to be a lot of healing, transmuting and closing of timelines. Remember that salt I asked you to get?  Please can you place a pinch of it in the corners of the room you with be sitting in before our live. If you feel to - place it close to you in a bowl, that will be good too. I have a bowl on my alter next to my sacred waters.  

I also invite and encourage you this week to pick up a pendulum and play. There’s a PDF print out on the course module 1 page to explore - it could come in handy when we look at the planets in the Pleiades star set that you have inhabited. 


We will be working with Goddess Isis and Saint Germain for Crystalline Ankh activations.

If you have an ankh please do bring it to the session, if you do not, do not worry I will be sharing mine and my experiences with working with it. You will have got the printed information to read over before the session already through Kajabi.

As you can imagine so much has flooded in for this course whilst I have been travelling in Mexico and recently I was on pilgrimage to Delphi to meet the oracular energy there which I know will inform this course and this magical container!


Hello Sisters, 

So lovely to see your faces last night,  I felt so full of gratitude to be doing this work with you.

It always amazes me at the amount of coding and information in our light bodies that just needs to align, unlock and click in, in a certain way, so holding the space for that with our crystalline allies is magical. Thank you for trusting me.

The bees are surrounding me/we/us with sweet honey to nurture the parts of us coming home. 

This is a portent journey of remember so much of YOURSELF, the parts of you behind the programming and control. 

Last night was a removal and realignment in so many different ways. 

Lina who is taking this course shared with me a good tea blend for the nervous system as that did come up to support with Amethyst and the violet flame at this time.  She created a blend with Rose, nettle and oat straw that worked wonders for her nervous system so sharing this, thank you dear Lina.


Its great to see a few of you have been making ankhs out of air dry clay with crystal they are incredible! Please share them if you feel to and tag me! Im creating mine tomorrow feels like a fun weekend thing to do :). I envision a wall in my home full of them! 

I love how the priestess of Isis still comes in strong every session for us- the Ruby and Obsidian, you do realise all of you are intrinsically linked to bringing solar ‘Ra’ codes in Egypt?! so I would not be surprised if after this course you find yourself there dancing with the ankh as we used to! 

Extending so much love to you sisters today and all days, 


Katie-Jane xxxx

Thank you so much for joining me on this journey.

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