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New Earth

Thank you for joining Katie-Jane on this unique 7 week online healing + Training course, each week, you will dive deep into your healing. Learning how to connect deeply to crystals, mineraloids and the ancient energies that are re-surging at this time. Aligning to your highest vibrational crystalline template and activating your crystalline DNA. Through new ways of grounding and anchoring in the higher frequency of cosmic consciousness, 10D and above.

Introduction to the mineraloids and crystals of this course, the supporting star councils and the ancient earth founders, why this course and why now? 

  • Opening the container - Setting the space, our alter, intentions and opening the space for the group, marked by a pledge for commitment to your healing.

  • How to Create your sacred space on the higher Octaves of light.

  • Best ways to work with crystalline energy

  • Dedicating and connecting with your stones.

  • Discussing The 7 planes of existence and where we will be working

  • Discussing the 13 chakras system - Where our focus lies through this training and why



Building the quantum diamond light chamber
The dedication- Building the multidimensional space we will work in to welcome in the new, to let go and thank the old.
Light language Heart activations and blessings from the guardians of this course.


Audio Meditation: Hearts Flames- we go deep into your heart space to help you bring healing focus to all of your spiritual work- a guided journey with light language.

Hearts FlameKatie-Jane Wright
00:00 / 22:46


Introducing lava stone - why this stone, its messages and metaphysical properties.
Working with and attuning through the heart to the frequency of the Cosmic diamond, violet flame with Saint Germain to deeply transmute your light body through all layers.


  • Transmuting the old through the flames of love- We will connect with Saint Germain -the frequencies of the master Alchemist,  to visit his 'Cave of symbols' to learn how to scan the body to remove control symbols and explore what these are. 

  • New wave Trinity Grounding practices with these stones, working with them in the 3D here and now and also working with them in different dimensions.

  • Grounding Crystal layout activations, connecting to the fires within, journey to align all higher chakra column, attuning and expanding for downloads.

  • Light seals

  • New earth 'Sirian' fire code to work with in meditation.



Meditation Audio: A grounding light language meditation to work along with or without the grounding crystal layout.


'The story of your soul'- Elizabeth Claire Prophet
'The violet flame' - Elizabeth Claire Prophet.

Trinity_Wave_Grounding_MeditationKatie-Jane Wright
00:00 / 23:52


  • Introducing Libyan Golden Tektite, its history, messages, guardians and Its metaphysical properties.

  • Wisdom surfacing through the Alta RA priest/priestess hood of Atlantis regarding crystals and how we used to work with them.

  • Connecting with the golden dolphins of Atlantis, the master temple quartz to help us access our akashic records and the crystal pyramids of golden Atlantis.



  • A  guided journey to Atlantis to activate through sound and crystalline frequencies, through our timelines to retrieve crystal coding and wisdom keys left at sacred sites.



  • A grounding and integrating sound bath recording.



Additional crystals - Starbury quartz (cosmic quartz) from Brazil.

Book - Discover Atlantis by Diana Cooper

Grounding_Intergrating_SoundbathKatie-Jane Wright
00:00 / 23:54


Introducing shamanic stone Fulgurite, its messages and metaphysical properties.

Introducing the energies of the metal Copper, and why the metals are important companions through this course.

Working with guided crystal layouts for our higher Chakras.  working with the lightning and thunder beings to charge our bodies,  shaking up the field around us, to allow us to reach our highest possible vibration.



Journey to the Ascension chamber and Etheric Retreat of Serapis Bey, to receive the masters of the rays you work with. To receive and activate Diamond and pearl radiance in every cell, through the ascension flame. 

Seal of light

Andromedan new earth Air code, to work with in meditation.



Sound - The Remo, thunder tube. To enhance journeying and connection to the lightening and thunder beings when working with these energies of air. 


  • Introducing the crystal Stromatolite and learning its place on this course, its messages and metaphysical properties. Including a guided meditation and layout to connect with it.

  • We dive deeper into the crystalline grids, learning about how to connect with them, exploring the crystalline caverns of this earth on this plane and others.  Linking back to the ancient energies of Atlantis and Lemuria.

  • We introduce the concept of Zero point energy and I introduce a meditation on how to clear a crystal to its zero point state.


We will be working with the crystals of the course to connect into the crystalline grids of the earth. journeying to inner earth's crystal and plant library with the devas of the earth. To receive the crystals that resonate with your vibration, and the wisdom from the ones you have  planted within the earth through past timelines.



An energetic piece of artwork to connect in with, made in collaboration with artist and sound healer Joyce Wang,  it comes with a description of some of the energies of the art work as a high resolution PDF to print and work with.


This session we we will be working work with the stone known as the 'Divine creation stone' Vanadinite, exploring its metaphysical properties and messages.

We carrying on from Week 4 we talk little about earth gridding with crystals.

We will be preparing the spine, clearing pathways and portals for week 7, working with the crystals Fulgurite, and vanadinite in a layout and guided meditation.

We will introduce some information about the Pineal Gland and its role in your development and connection to the soul star chakra.  With some other crystals that aid the activation of the pineal Gland.



You will be receiving a light language pineal gland/third eye activation journey, to assist all the shifting and unlocking of this course so far. 


We will be revisiting concepts of the zero-point field. Talking about how to clear the trauma from a Crystal and taking it back consciously to its zero-point state. And - little about the ethics of crystals.

I will introduce some crystals to support the stones you have around kundalini awakening.

We will talk a little about the activation and Gaias kundalini source and the planetary kundalini energy moving from Andromeda (things could get a little cosmic) as I introduce- plasma light a bit more through my experience.



Crystalline Serpent activation- This week is building on the work we have been doing with preparing the body, we focus again on the white flame of the mother at the base of your spine, your shakti (kundalini) energy, so that it may rise is a safe and conscious manner, paving the ascension way to the heart.  We move through a deep clearing of pathways through you and axitonial lines, for a merging of higher frequencies in your spine to assist in cellular and DNA crystalline light infusions.

Sealing in all the healing from the course to integrate we are lead to work with the cosmic egg which is a symbol of birthing creation.



A collaborative piece artwork from Danielle Noel and myself, the beautiful artist who has created dreamy imagery for her own star child and moon child deck, as well as the deck for Rebecca Campbell- work your light and the star seed oracle. We hope that you enjoy this piece, it was a joy to work on for this activation. It’s in a format ready to print and hang on the wall. Please enjoy - from us xxx


Over the past few sessions you have been doing some deep individual and collective work- You have been clearing way for DNA and template upgrades, for diamond light heart templates of a much higher vibration. 

We have been Setting the foundations of crystal and spiritual practice.

Bringing activation to the Soul Star, Earth star, Pineal gland and Soma chakra- all key areas for this work of unification of the self and re connection to the divine mother.

There has been a deeper connection to sacred heart resonance and crystalline grids and earth healing.

So this week we celebrate that and YOU.

*We begin by looking at Herkimer Diamond and working with its metaphysical properties.


We will be moving through a small ceremony to honor your rite of passage and then flowing into a final healing activation.



  • We will hold the vision for your crystalline DNA-  Opening your crystalline codex, calling in zero point clearing. And meeting with your guides to receive their final gifts 

  • Then we will close this course and sit in all of the uplifting joyous vibrations it has brought you.


Thank you so much for joining me on this journey of the New Earth Elemental

Make sure to follow me on Instagram to hear of any 'live' courses that will be happening. Or go to my Shop to download any of my other workshops and mini courses.

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