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Crystalline Womb Course

Reclaiming your womb space as your creative place of power Activating the divine GOLD print and seals of the cosmic womb.

I would love to welcome you into this very safe, held and protected container to clear and purify deep levels of distortion through the womb heart, and the collective field, for the divine feminine. We have walked the wilds of winters darkness and are ready to emerge and heal with each other.

This is your personal womb healing journey, but also a training with attuned womb codes to work with on others.  A removal of sexual slavery codes, enforced sexual exploits through hybridization and breeder programs, encrypted programs around sexual union, perversion, punishment, and torture.  


The themes we are witnessing and moving through will push you, but it is so necessary for your evolution, and it is so needed. For us and our greater soul family. 

You have to dedicate yourself to this as I dedicate myself to this space. My time will be spent tuning in and receiving and allowing the course to grow into what it needs to be for you.  As we retrieving and re-aligning with divine gold print and seals of the cosmic womb.

More information will be sent to you in the days to come.

But until then I am excited to be holding space with you on 13th March at 7pm GMT.

With love,

Katie-Jane xx

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